date: Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 8:43 PM
subject: Re: car transport Cleveland to Florida

Glen was wonderful to work with and amazingly reliable. He kept us informed about every facet of the trip before he left, wrote notes from the road to let us know where he was and how our dog was faring, and he arrived at both ends exactly when he said he would.

Glen is a cheerful, bright person who obviously takes pride in doing his job to perfection. I don't think my dog wanted to let Glen go after three days on the road together. Glen was a good sport when "Sweetie", our fox red lab, abandoned her own bed and insisted on getting in Glen's bed and hogging up the covers. I could tell from our dog's demeanor that she had been taken well care of and was loved on the trip.

Glen gave us a full accounting of all expenses, including all receipts and his estimate of those expenses was right on the money.

We hope Glen will be able to drive our car and dog back from Florida in the spring. A nice person with a very well run business. I'd use him again in a heartbeat.

Lorra L. from Cleveland

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