Glenn's Driving Service

Getting vehicles and pets safely to their destinations since 2008

Driving your Car, RV or rental truck between any two points in USA (and sometimes Canada). Pets and People carried, too! (under certain circumstances)

Now with 2 drivers         Adapted to Covid-19

Specializing in situations standard transport companies won't handle — pets, vehicles filled with belongings, large or unusual vehicles, rental trucks and trips to or from remote places. (No commercial vehicles.)

People carried only when no other transportation option is possible.




Available Dates:
  • Aug. 17-22, 2020
  • Aug. 30 and beyond
Note: Drives in the Covid era require
flexibility and patience. Plans may go awry.

My Email:

My Phone: 702-812-0400

Note: You can call me for basic information, but
I will need an email to give you a specific quote.
See below for the info I need.

Other Resources:

Truck Rental: Penske (the only brand I recommend)
Moving a commercial truck: TruckMovers
Self-pack units: PODS, U-Pack, Pack Rat, ZippyShell.

Situations Handled



Guidance Rates

Every drive is negotiated individually based on its own circumstances and the current epidemic restrictions, so it is hard to provide firm rates here. Instead I have these "guidance rates" as a starting point. The quoted rate below usually includes the driver's airfare and their personal expenses along the way (their food, lodging, etc). Our rate does NOT include the actual cost of fuel and highway tolls and the cost of the driver's ground transportation to and from the airports. Additional fees would apply for pets, cross-border deliveries, vehicles without cruise control, slow or awkward vehicles, rental trucks, towed trailers and other special circumstances.

Don't forget there is a hidden cost of driving a car long distances: depreciation. That's wear and tear on the vehicle that wouldn't happen if the car was on a truck. A long drive is also an opportunity for the car to break down. This is a low risk for newer cars, but it increases with age. I have AAA to cover initial towing, but you would be responsible for the costs of any repairs.

The Process

Everything about my services (and this website) is simple and transparent. You will know everything that is happening at every step along the way. Here is the anticipated process for getting your transport needs addressed under my new post-crisis business model:
  1. You send me an email with the information requested below. (Make of car, preferred dates, etc.) Be sure to spell the email address correctly and give me a clear explanation of the reason for the move. I will email you back as soon as I received the email, but it may take me up to a day to analyze the trip and come up with a quote. You can call me with questions anytime (702-812-0400), but I usually need the email in hand before I can give you a quote.
  2. I will get back to you to discuss the details and give you a ballpark quote. If this is a simple case, I will probably respond first by email. If the case is complex, I may call you.
  3. You can expect me to inquire about your motives and help you explore better options that don't involve me. It is best for both of us when my services are genuinely needed. Occasionally, I may reject a drive because I think the customer is too disorganized or their motives are ill-considered. I've also rejected people who have been such a bitch in the planning phase that I know the drive would be hell.
  4. Once I am satisfied that I understand your needs, I will look for a driver to fill them (who could end up being me). When one is available, I will get back to you with a recommendation and a driving plan. I will tell you about the driver and how I think they fit with your situation. You will have a chance to ask me questions. At this point, I will also give you a firm quote.
  5. If you wish, you will have an opportunity to check the driver's references and review their social media presence (and do the same for me).
  6. If you are comfortable with the driver I am offering. I will put you in direct touch with them. The two of you will work out the minor details of the trip, keeping me in the loop.
  7. You remain free at at any time to choose not to use that driver. In that case, I can look for another one for you.
  8. When you and the driver agree on all the main details, and we are reasonably sure it will take place on a specific date (given the current travel environment), I will make up a written contract. Although I am one drafting the contract, it will be between you and the driver. In most cases, the contract can be signed when you and the driver actually meet at pickup.
  9. At the time I send you the contract, the driver will also offer you a photo of their driver's license.
  10. If you are satisfied with the contract, you will send the driver a deposit via Venmo or PayPal—usually between $150 and $300. The deposit is intended to cover the driver's pre-purchased airfare, and it will be deducted from the final fee. This deposit is refundable only to the extent that the airfare is.
  11. On the day of the drive, the driver will fly into your local airport and take available transit to the car's location. (If appropriate, you can meet at the airport itself.)
  12. You can pack the car with whatever you like, so long as the driver's seat reclines and the passenger seat and floor are available for the driver's luggage. We will need to know about any unusual items. We reserve the right to rearrange the cargo for the convenience of the journey.
  13. You and the driver will examine the car, looking for any preexisting damage. The two of us will also be examining the contents of the vehicle, since the driver is responsible for anything inside the car if stopped by police. There should be no locked containers in the car that the driver can't open.
  14. At the time of pickup, you will be giving the driver a second deposit to cover our best estimate for the cost of fuel and highway tolls along the way (usually $100-300). You will also be reimbursing the driver for their ground transportation from the airport. Cash is usually best.
  15. During the trip, the driver will retain all paper gas and toll receipts.
  16. I will be closely monitoring the drive as it unfolds. The driver will be communicating with both me and you about their progress getting to the drive. They will also inform us of their location at the end of each driving day.
  17. The driver is expected to drive mainly during the day, covering no more than 500 miles a day.
  18. The driver is expected to follow a set of COVID-19 hygiene rules that I have defined.
  19. The driver will inform us immediately of any driving irregularity (like a breakdown, significant delay or a problem with a pet) so we can resolve the problem together.
  20. Just before arrival at the destination, the driver will send us a photo of the gas receipts and give you a final accounting.
  21. You will settle your bill with the driver at the time of delivery. The form of this payment will be determined in advance.
  22. The driver will take available transportation to the airport (unless you meet there). The cost of this transportation will be included in the final accounting.
  23. Following the drive, I may contact you to ask you about the performance of the driver.
  24. From their proceeds, the driver will pay me a commission that I have previous negotiated with them (usually 20%).
  25. With your permission, we may use you as a reference for future customers, giving them your phone number. (If any customer calls you, it will probably be within the next two months.)
To get started, please send me the info requested below.

How to Start the Process

Send me an email (at, giving me the following information....
  1. Year and model of vehicle.
  2. Starting and ending cities. (If these are big cities, please give the general neighborhood.)
  3. Preferred dates.
  4. Is the car registered and insured? (required) In what state or province?
  5. Whose name is on the registration? (Yours?)
  6. Does the car have cruise control?
  7. What will be carried in the car?
  8. If pets will be carried, tell me about them. (Age, breed, disposition, etc.) A photo of the pets would be appreciated.
  9. Approximate odometer mileage on the vehicle (if known).
  10. Please tell me about your situation and why you are transporting the vehicle. The more details you can give me, the better.
  11. Your phone number. (I will normally use email first.)
You can call me anytime for general information (702-812-0400), but I usually need an email with the above info before I can give you a quote.

About Glenn Campbell

About My Brokerage Services

In this time of COVID chaos, everything is subject to change, but here is how I expect my driving brokerage service to work...

Alternative Options

I want you to use my services only if they are the best option for you. This not only serves your needs; it makes my work more meaningful. I prefer to work for intelligent, thoughtful people who plan ahead and have a genuine need for my services. To make sure I'm the best option for you, please consider these alternatives:

My Drivers

Over my 12 years of driving, I've developed relationships with other reliable drivers, who I previously list on my site for free. Unfortunately, as of today (early April), none of them are willing to work an unrestricted schedule due to the Covid scare. If I wasn't in medical therapy, I would be continuing to work as normal as long as airplanes were flying and interstates were open, but most drivers don't feel that way. I am now in the process of recruiting new drivers willing to work during Covid. Given the massive wave of layoffs, I think they will emerge quickly. I'm also trying to coax my existing drivers out of their shells. People have to balance fear of the virus with a fear of running out of money. From an epidemiological standpoint, "sheltering in place" in a moving car is almost as effective as at home.

This is what I expect from my drivers:

If you are interested in becoming a driver, click here.

Transporting Pets

One of my clients checking in at Motel 6
About 1/3 of my drives involve pets. While it is easy to put an empty car on a truck to ship it to its destination, you can't do that with your precious Fido. Dogs especially require a lot of personal attention en route. I usually enjoy their company. It's like borrowing a baby: You get to play with it and have fun with it, but then at the end of the drive, you're happy to give it back to its parents.

The alternatives to pet transport are limited: For a smaller cat or a cat-sized dog, you can take them on the plane with you in a soft carrier. The carrier must fit under the seat in front of you. For a larger pets, you can sometimes get the airline to carry your pet as cargo. As a former airline worker, I know this can only happen on Boeing 737 and 757 jets, because the hold is pressurized. On Airbus jets, the hold is not pressurized so pets can't be carried. A third option is to get your pet certified as a "service animal", like a seeing-eye dog, so it can be taken in the cabin with you. People are increasingly doing this to skirt airline rules. I regard this as dubious and wouldn't want to advise you on it.

If these options don't work for you, I would be happy to transport your pet. I will need a vehicle to carry it, which can either be your vehicle or a one-way rental car. In either case, my fee is the same as for a transporting a car plus an additional pet fee, which depends on the pet and care required. My fee usually includes our nightly stays at Motel 6, which allows pets without a fee.

Every pet has their own personality and their own trustworthiness, which I have learned to gauge quickly. A few dogs, especially bigger ones, can be highly intelligent and responsive. I can talk to them like people and they'll try their best to understand and obey. A few dogs are trustworthy enough that we can walk in the woods without a leash, but we would have to jump through a lot of hoops before I am comfortable doing that (including your permission).

Cats? They are a bit more like cargo. The usually end up hiding in the darkest part of the car and I never see them. As long as they have access to a litter box, food and water, they're fine, and I have earplugs in case they get vocal.

Cats can travel in crates or loose in the car. It depends on the temperament of the cat and the comfort level of the owner. I tend to prefer them loose if possible, because it gives us both more breathing room. It also gives you more space in the car to pack things. I am very careful about preventing escapes when I step out of the car, making sure the cat is far from the door when I open it. On several occasions, I have handled nearly feral cats that require all the care and safety of nuclear waste—including protective gloves—but most house cats are quite docile and can be picked up and moved without protest. The fatter the cat, the easier it is to handle.

With both cats and dogs, I am very careful to monitor the temperature of the car to avoid excess heat. Cats and dogs tend to tolerate cold pretty well, but heat can be deadly, and I am very conscious of ambient solar energy. Summers can be particularly difficult. The pets and I may be joined at the hip for the duration of the trip, because I can't leave them alone in the car during the day for more than a couple of minutes.

With both cats and dogs, we spend the night exclusively at Motel 6, which allows pets without a fee. The journey is carefully planned to hit selected Motel 6's at the right intervals. With cats, I just bring them in, set up food, water and a litter box and they're fine. Before I bring them in, I check under the bed to make sure there isn't a crawlspace they can can get into avoid capture. (With certain feral cats, I've had to tear the room apart and turn the bed on its side to get them back in their cages.) Some trustworthy cats get to roam then entire motel room, while others must be locked in the bathroom to avoid programs with recapture. In certain cases, I may find it best to leave them in the car for the entire trip, supplied with food, water and a litter box.

Your pets are welcome to sleep on the bed with me, if it is allowed in your household, just so long as they leave me at least 1/3 of the bed for my own sleeping purposes. If there are territorial disputes I will firmly resolved them in my favor.

My care for your dog depends on your instructions, your assessment of their personalities and my own observations gleaned along the way. Dog personalities differ as much as humans, and it is important for me to detect and adapt to it. Some dogs are a joy to travel, other less so.

Some dogs have barking issues, which disrupts other guests. In extreme cases, I have had to put the dog back into the car for the night.

I am very sensitive about Pit Bulls and other large mastiffs. These are powerful creatures that could rip me to shreds if they chose. We will have to go through a vetting process before I agree to accept them. I'm not sensitive about Labs, Goldens and variations. Their breed tells me all I need to know.

I am open to carrying rodents, reptiles and any kind of bird. The only birds I've carried so far are cockatiels. Their individual personalities differ as much as dogs. One cockatiel spent the whole trip on my shoulder, nuzzling my ear. She pooped in that location, and I didn't mind.

Transporting People

We are not a limousine service, and we do not transport people in the normal course of our business. This is for liability reasons and because humans can be... difficult. Pets are fine. They have no problem with me starting and stopping as I choose and working on my computer whenever it suits me. People need more structure and management. I like humans. Some of my best friends are humans, but being cooped up with one for 20 hours interferes with my chakras.

Please note: We are reluctant to serve people who are merely afraid to fly or drive, for no valid medical reason, because they are probably afraid of a lot of other things, and the en-route maintenance costs for our driver are too high.

Nonetheless, I recognize that there are difficult humanitarian situations where a person, usually elderly, needs to be moved from one place to another and for some reason can't use conventional transportation. I realize there are also legitimate medical and practical conditions that prevent people from flying. I am willing to consider these situations on a case-by-case basis.

There are complex negotiations involved, and I need to be convinced that this human will not cause problems. A fragile medical condition is not necessarily a barrier (since I have been in that state myself), but a difficult personality might be.

When I travel with a human, we try to complete the trip as quickly as reasonably possible, with a minimum of stops. At night, I typically drop them off at the lodging of their choosing, while I go to the cheaper quarters. In the morning, I pick them up at a mutually agreeable time.

We will need to have a vehicle to travel in. Either you will provide it, or I will rent a car one-way. You can expect to pay a premium for the transport of a human, usually about $600 more than our usual rates.

Depending on the human's condition, we will have to think through all the possibilities if something goes wrong along the way, like a medical emergency. In all cases, everyone needs to be flexible and recognize that this is not a normal driving situation. This is a utilitarian mission to get a vital job done, not a limousine service.

Transporting Your Stuff By Rental Truck

I and a select few of my drivers are experienced in driving rental trucks, optionally towing a car. We prefer Penske over Uhaul and other rental companies. Their prices tend to be lower, and their trucks are newer, technically bigger and better equipped than Uhaul. They have locations almost everywhere, and their bigger trucks are diesel, which is usually more economical than gas. There is a substantial discount for AAA membership.

Before you try to move your worldly goods from one part of the country to another, please ask yourself this: Is the stuff you're moving worth the $4000-6000 you will be paying to move it? If not, it might be better to sell all your stuff at the starting location the reproducing it as needed at the other end. You could hold a garage sale at one end then visit a few garage sales at the other.

One alternative to a load-it-yourself portable storage unit. These services will park a container in your driveway; you will load it, and they will transport it to the final location, where you will unload it. Options include: PODS, U-Pack Moving, Pack Rat or ZippyShell.

Don't forget to consider standard moving companies. Advice: Lots of potential pitfalls here. Don't necessarily go for the lowball quote. Check references. I have heard lots of first-hand stories of people getting their stuff stolen by fly-by-night companies or held hostage while the mover demands a higher fee. Nonetheless, if you're vigilant and get a good quote, this could end up being the most economical solution for your particular situation.

If I drive a rental truck for you, the financial components of the trip are (1) The truck rental cost from Penske, including insurance sold by them, (2) The fuel cost. For a general figure, calculate regular gas at 6 mpg. (3) Our driving fee, and (4) The cost of loading and unloading the truck if you use professional movers. This tends to add up to $4000 or more depending on distance.

To get a truck rental quote from Penske, go directly to their website: Penske Truck Rental.

Our drivers don't normally participate in the loading of the truck, but they may be available to help with unloading in simple cases. There would be an hourly fee for this, to be negotiated in advance.

There are two ways the loading can be done. Option 1 is that you pick up the truck yourself a day or two before the move. You would load it and have it ready to go by the time the driver arrives. Option 2, for an additional fee, is that the driver can arrive early, rent the truck under their own name, bring the truck to you and wait for it to be loaded, then drive away. You would use this option if you are not comfortable driving the truck from the dealership to your house. Other possible advantages of Option 2: (1) Driver can use their AAA card for a 12% discount, (2) The truck itself can provide the driver's ground transportation from a major airport to a remote pickup location, (3) You have more potential pickup cities available, possibly giving you a cheaper price. (For example, if you are moving from New York City, it is far cheaper to pick up the truck in Springfield, Mass, enough to justify the longer drive.)

For an additional fee, we can tow a car behind the truck. The trailer is rented from Penske. (We use only the kind that completely lifts the car off the road.) Not all vehicles are towable. SUVs tend to be too heavy. See Penske's website for info.

Our rate is the same regardless of the size of the truck, and you are free to change the size of the truck right up to the time of rental. When choosing the size of a truck, always err on the side of bigger. You probably have more stuff than you think you do, and these trucks fill up quickly. The total cost differential of a bigger truck usually isn't great. (Personally, I prefer bigger trucks because they handle better.) If considering a 22' Penske, you might as well get a 26' because the total cost difference is trivial, and they often end up giving you the bigger truck anyway. The 22' and 26' trucks run on more-efficient diesel fuel, so the total fuel cost is about the same as the smaller gas trucks. Bigger Penske trucks always have cruise control. Smaller gas trucks usually do. If there is no cruise, we may add an extra fee.

Loading the truck is time-consuming, because everything has to be packed and arranged. Unloading tends to be a breeze, because you just have to shovel everything out of the truck into a holding area. That's why we don't usually help with loading, but we may help with unloading for an hourly labor fee. This is at the driver's discretion and is mainly negotiated with them.

What is to prevent me from stealing your stuff and hightailing it for Mexico? First, you're going to check my references. Secondly, I don't want your stuff. As precious as it is to you, I wouldn't know what to do with it. I would much rather be paid at the other end. The risks of random theft are also low. There will be a sturdy lock on the outside, but even if a thief broke into a packed truck, they wouldn't know where the expensive stuff was or how to get to it.

Canada and Alaska

In certain cases, we can drive your car to or from the USA to locations in Canada. We can also drive your vehicle between the lower 48 states and Alaska. These are complex trips involving border crossings, and they require a lot of planning and negotiation.

I cannot drive wholly within Canada, because that would be "working in Canada" without the proper permit. (The situation might change if I can find a Canadian driver.)

Of course, as of early April 2020, the border is closed to all "non-essential" traffic. Presumably this will end at some point.

If you happen to live in the Toronto area, consider meeting me at the Buffalo airport. There is no border crossing involved, and my simple domestic rate would apply. Pre-Covid, there was a twice-daily Megabus directly from Toronto to the Buffalo airport. Airport parking in Buffalo is quite cheap, so the car can be left there for an extended period.

With 88 countries under my belt, I've crossed my share of borders, but the US/Canada border can be one of the most difficult. If you are driving your own car, they will probably wave you through without a search, but since I'm a third party driving someone else's car, there is a lot more scrutiny. I might still get waived through without a search, but I have to have all my documentation right. We'll discuss this documentation in detail long before the trip.

In general, it is easier to return a car to its home country than the other way around. Customs can't refuse entry to a locally tagged car, but they can refuse it for a foreign car. This happened to me once when I didn't have my documentation right.

Needlessly to say, the car has to be absolutely clean of anything that might attract the attention of Customs. This includes alcohol, marijuana products, prescription drugs, guns, ammo, plant or animal material, etc. We will go through the car in detail at the time of pick up to make sure I understand everything there, since I am fully responsible for the vehicle when it crosses the border.

I will never lie or misrepresent the truth to a Customs agent. The risks are too high. Everything has to be above board. When I get to the customs window, I need to have a clear and simple explanation for them, which I must be well-prepared to defend.

Trips to and from Alaska are fun. I've made the journey about 10 times, including twice in winter. Winter is doable in a hardy vehicle, but it's a drag. The road is almost 100% snow-covered from Edmonton to Anchorage. Days are short so there's a lot of nighttime driving, and there's nothing to see even when the sun is up. Summer is way more pleasant with nearly 24 hour light and nice weather. The road is now fully paved, and services have much improved since my first trip in the 1980s. There are only two 2-day stretches without a Walmart. The only real concern are bears, which could eat you, and mosquitoes, which will also eat you. There is tons of exotic wildlife grazing along the highway, but there is little risk of hitting it due to the summer light and the wide buffer zones on either side of the highway.

The trip to Alaska requires two border crossings, which involve the same documentation discussed for Canada drives above. There will be a lot of negotiation between us regarding the cargo being carried.

If you are transporting a vehicle and stuff to Alaska, expect me to inquire deeply about your motives. Alaska is not the place for amateurs. In one embarrassing incident, I transported the worldly goods of a retired couple who were buying a house in Alaska sight-unseen, without having previously visited. They promptly ran out of money and were unable to fully compensate me. I was a fool for taking on this bad debt and transporting them into misery. When I had a chance to do a similar drive again—brainless retirees thinking Alaska would be nice—I nipped it in the bud and declined. I no longer drive for idiots.

Although the Alaska Highway is fully paved, it can be gravelly in places, and there is a high risk of a rock dinging your windshield. The risk of a flat tire is also elevated. You are responsible for the financial cost of this damage.

If you are shipping a mostly empty car to or from Alaska, commercial services are your best bet. There are commercial barges regularly plying the route from Seattle to Anchorage. Their rate is going to be far less than mine.

In either case, you have to consider the huge cost of transport relative to the book value of the car. Is it worth spending ~$3000 to transport a car and stuff worth little more than that? There are plenty of used cars available for sale in Alaska at prices comparable to the Lower 48. I anticipate you using my service for awkward vehicles like RVs and big pickup trucks.

Although I've enjoyed my Alaska Highway trips, I will probably farm out future trips to other drivers, since I've already seen it all.

Material Below is From My Original Webpage

...assembled over the course of a decade

Below are some of my happy clients (and a few disgruntled ones). See more on Instagram.
Videos: See more of my clients on Instagram.

(From my pre-COVID website.) I am Glenn Campbell, a laid-off airline employee turned semi-professional driver. I enjoy travelling so much that I now do it continuously, hardly ever stopping. You can help support my travel addiction by taking advantage of my driving services.

For a reasonable fee, I will drive your vehicle and its contents between any two places in North America (except Canada to Canada). I specialize in situations that regular transport companies can't handle, including pets, vehicles packed with possessions and unusual or oversize vehicles.

I started this business when I was laid off in 2008 from US Airways in Las Vegas, where I had been a ramp worker. I was allowed to keep my free flight for three years, and I took advantage of this windfall to start this service (since I could fly for free to and from my drives). Now, I no longer have the free flight, but I have become skilled enough at using cut-rate transportation that I can still keep my rates reasonable. I can usually knit together adjoining drives so that you only pay for one leg of my airfare while my next client picks up the other.

When you contact me with the information requested above, I will give you a quote that includes my airfare and all my own personal expenses along the way. (My quote does not usually include gas, highway tolls or my ground transportation to and from the airports. Everything else is included.)

For a modest additional charge, I'll take along your well-behaved dog, cat, bird, fish or iguana and will attend to its needs during the journey. As long as it's not big enough to eat me, I'm open to negotiation.

My most common drive is the "Snowbird Run" between the Northeast and Florida. I drive this route so often that I have a standard fee for it: $950 to/from the New York City area and major cities in Florida. (Includes my airfare. The only addition costs are gas, highway tolls, pet care and my ground transportation to/from the nearest major airports.) My fee for other drives on the East Coast is based on this benchmark.

I will also drive between any two cities in the USA and to or from most cities in Canada. (Certain restrictions apply to Canada.) I quote each trip individually based on its unique circumstance. (The length of the drive is a factor in my quote but also the airfare and complication of getting to and from the drive.)

Please note that I carry no special insurance (apart from my own medical insurance). My position is the same as a friend driving your car for you, which should be covered by your own insurance. In the unlikely event that an accident occurred I would accept no liability beyond my driving fee.

I will drive any non-commercial vehicle not requiring a special license, including rental trucks, RVs and towed vehicles. (I avoid commercial vehicles because of the complex regulations involved.) This is a door-to-door service where you will have direct contact with me at both ends. I drive every vehicle myself, and I do not hire or refer other drivers.

This is a personal service, not a commercial one, and I can adapt to your family's special needs in ways that corporate services can't. For example, I allow you to load your vehicle with whatever you want (subject to my inspection) while commercial services require the car to be nearly empty. If there are other services you need in conjunction with your move, please ask.

More about Me

I am a writer, podcaster, photographer and world traveler of good repute, and I have a big presence on the web if you care to check me out. I have had many past lives and was once featured in a New York Times article on Area 51. Later I appeared on Public Radio regarding Family Court.

I drive because I enjoy it. It gives me time to think about my writing projects. I stop from time to time to work on my laptop (which is one reason I don't take human passengers). Although I have been everywhere in the country many times, I usually visit a new tourist attraction on every trip. On most drives, I take lots of photos and short videos along the way which I make public on Instagram and my Facebook albums.

Although I technically live in Massachusetts, I travel continuously and am hardly ever there. In North America, I usually flyfrom one drive directly to the next. When I'm not driving, I'm usually traveling overseas on my own nickle. (I'm a budget traveler who uses a lot of hostels.) I've been to 88 countries to date.

I hold a standard driver's license in Massachusetts (not a commercial license). I have had no traffic tickets in North America in the past five years. (However I have had speeding tickets overseas: two in Botswana, Africa, where speeding tickets are a source of local revenue, and two speed-camera tickets in Latvia, where the cameras are too damn sensitive.) I am adept at driving on both the left and right, should your job require right-side driving. My character is such that I passed TSA/Homeland Security background checks and worked successfully for an airline for one year before being furloughed in 2008 based on seniority. I worked on the ramp in Las Vegas for US Airways, routinely guiding in and pushing out multi-million dollar aircraft (photos).

I have had only one road accident in recent years: a fender bender in Colorado in July 2018 when I blacked out on the highway, due to a tumor in my brain I didn't know I had. After five months of treatment, my cancer is in full remission. (photos) More importantly, the car I was driving wasn't seriously damaged.

The largest vehicles I have driven across the country are 26-foot Penske trucks towing a car (photo). (This is the maximum size I can drive with my standard license.) My longest drive was Florida to Fairbanks (nearly 5000 miles in 14 days). My shortest drives are about 200-500 miles. (Less than 500 miles and you are probably better to hire someone locally.) The most unusual vehicle I have driven was the Freedom Bus. My most challenging drive was the Alaska Highway in winter (photos), which I have done twice (and six times in summer).

I prefer to drive 400-500 miles per day but can sometimes do more under special circumstances. I am a non-smoker. I will not use your car for any purpose other than what we agreed on, and no one other than me will drive the car.

I am happiest when I am driving for intelligent, organized people in genuine need of my services. (And who plan ahead!) Therefore, you may find me dissuading you of the drive if it doesn't make logical sense.

Contact Glenn Campbell at or phone 702-812-0400 (cell). Send me the info requested above.

Below are some reviews I collected when I first started this service—over 10 years ago! (To avoid inconveniencing my clients, I no longer ask for reviews. Instead, I will give you the phone numbers of the last few people I have driven for.)

Customer Comments... (These are comments I collected in the first year of my business, 2008-09. Today, I will give you the phone numbers for my latest five clients.)
    "Glen was wonderful to work with and amazingly reliable.... " [See full review.] — Lorra L., Cleveland (Toyota Sienna and dog, Cleveland to Ft. Myers, Florida)

    "I would absolutely recommend Glenn with no hesitation. I had initially hired two different shipping companies to transport my car from Burlington, VT to San Francisco. They both said yes and then later backed out when they could not get enough other cars to ship on the same route. Glenn is honest, gave us updated along the way, and showed up with the car on time at the destination." — Georgo F., San Francisco (Prius, Burlington VT to San Francisco)

    "I went online and so many companies responded, but NONE were as personable and easy going and inexpensive as Glenn. It was an easy decision really. And 4 days later he pulled up to my door. The service was impeccable. Who could ask for more!" — Latifa A., Chapel Hill, NC (Toyota Prius, Taos, NM to Chapel Hill, NC)

    "Glenn didn't hesitate when I asked him to drive a 26' U-Haul truck with a large car trailer in tow. He arrived at the appointed hour, stepped into the truck, stayed in touch every day with an email and drove over 2,000 miles to arrive a day early on the trip from Minneapolis to San Diego. Uneventful; just the way we wanted it to be."— Casey P., San Diego (Uhaul and towed Mercedes, Minneapolis to San Diego, photo)

    "I'm so glad I found Glenn's service online. I looked at other ways of transporting my car but all were more expensive and none would have taken my keyboard and camping gear on board. Glenn brought my Subaru on schedule and in great condition." — Emily S., Denver (Subaru Outback, Ithaca, NY to Denver, CO)

    "Glenn did a beautiful job driving my son's Volkswagen from Seattle, WA to Broadway, VA. The car was in good shape and Glenn was very professional. I highly recommend him." — Nancy S, Broadway, VA (Volkswagen Passat, Seattle to Virginia)

    "Glenn was a true professional - he was extremely organized and provided great communication. He is also a true gentlemen - he picked me and my 16 month old twins up at the airport, helped me track down my luggage, and got us all loaded in to the car. I would highly recommend Glenn for your car transportation needs!" — Donna W., Kansas City (Infiniti G35, Connecticut to Kansas City)

    "Organized, professional and reliable are the three words I'd use to describe our experience. Glenn was so professional that this is the second time we've used his services." — David M, Charleston SC (Land Rover Discovery: Charleston to Portland ME & Portland ME to Charleston)

    "Glenn assisted me by driving a Dodge van with wheelchair lift from Orange County, CA to Green Bay, WI where my mother was relocating. The van arrived as planned in plenty of time to meet my mother and I at the airport when we arrived by plane. Glenn also kept me informed along the way, gave me a complete itemization of expenses with receipts and was very professional. I feel very lucky to have found him and enjoyed the entire experience." — Terry J., Anaheim CA (Dodge Ram 2500 Van: Anaheim CA to Green Bay WI)

    "Glenn went through hoops to pick-up my dogs on time in Florida and arrived on Cape Cod just when he said he would with everyone in very good order. Lucky and Charm (Wheaten Terriers) seemed very content and well taken care of. I am very grateful for this personal service. Thanks, Glenn!" — Joan S., Dennis MA (Lincoln Aviator: Ft. Myers FL to Dennis MA)

    "Glenn was totally professional with regard to his commitments, scheduling, budgeting and auto handling, including crossing the border. The vehicle arrived in perfect condition on time and on budget. The man is a consummate professional." — Mike M., Toronto (Mazda 3: Denver to Toronto)

    "Finding you was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - no airline fees; total honesty and reliability; punctuality; an incredible sense of humor and a great writer, to boot! Please keep in touch - and I promise to recommend your services far and wide. Feel free to ask anyone to email me for a recommendation." — Julie S., Miami (Chevy Silverado: Miami to Camp Lejeune, NC)

    "I was so lucky to find Glenn Campbell to drive my daughter's car from Rochester, NY to Denver, CO. He was very professional and I felt very comfortable trusting him to drive the car. I would recommend him and use his service again if needed." — Audrey W., Rochester, NY (Subara Tribeca: Rochester, NY, to Denver, CO)

    "We found Glenn Campbell to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. His customized service was convenient and flexible. His care and efficiency make him an excellent choice." — Peter M., Alexandria, VA (Toyota Camry: Alexandria, VA to Austin, TX)

    "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Mom was very appreciative and liked you a lot. She called you a 'Gem' and I agree." — Tamara L., Asheville, NC (Honda Acura: Asheville, NC to Miami (twice!) and Miami to Asheville)

NOTE: I am no longer collecting new reviews (because they all say basically the same thing and I don't want to impose on my clients) but I can give you a list of my most recent clients so you can contact them yourself.

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