Glenn's Driving Service
I will drive your car, van, pickup truck, rental truck or RV anywhere in the USA or Canada. Pets carried, too! (but not people)

Specializing in situations standard transport companies won't handle — pets, vehicles filled with belongings, large or unusual vehicles, rental trucks and trips to or from remote places. (No commercial vehicles.)

If I can't serve your needs, try
Note: This list is a courtesy only.
I have never met the people above, so you have to make
your own judgment about them.

Other Resources:

Truck Rental: Penske.
Moving a commercial truck: TruckMovers
Pack-yourself units: PODS, U-Pack, Old Dom, Pack Rat.

July 7, 2018 — Due to a dramatic reversal in the health
of the driver (cancer), Glenn's Driving Service is shutting down for the remainder of 2018.
If you are an existing customer, I will be contacting you soon.
Check the list on the right for other possible drivers. Glenn's Driving Service could be back in 2019 (but not currently taking bookings).

(You can keep up with Glenn's medical condition and his new life challenges on This New Webpage.)

Below are some of my happy clients (and a few disgruntled ones). See more on Instagram.
Videos: See more on Instagram.

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