Glenn's Driving Service
I will drive your car, van, pickup truck, rental truck or RV anywhere in the USA or Canada. Pets carried, too! (but not people)

Specializing in situations standard transport companies won't handle — pets, vehicles filled with belongings, large or unusual vehicles, rental trucks and trips to or from remote places. (No commercial vehicles.)


  • April 10-17
  • May 21-25
  • June 5 and beyond

My Email:

I am usually booked several months in advance,
so contact me early! NOTE: I do not carry people,
and I do not hire or advise other drivers.

If I can't serve your needs, try

Note: The list is a courtesy only. I have never met
the people above, so you have to make your own judgment
about them. (Check references!) I can only say that, based
on my own experience, their websites pass the smell test.

Other Resources:

Truck Rental: Penske (the only brand I recommend)
Moving a commercial truck: TruckMovers
Pack-yourself units: PODS, U-Pack, Old Dom, Pack Rat.
To move an empty car, Google for "car transport"


Sample rates (including driver's airfare and expenses but not gas, highway tolls or pet care): Note: Above prices are for general guidance only (for a standard car with nothing towed). Each trip is quoted individually based on its unique circumstances. For a quote, send me the information listed on the bottom of this page.
Special services available: Restrictions: Below are some of my happy clients (and a few disgruntled ones). See more on Instagram.
Videos: See more of my clients on Instagram.

I am Glenn Campbell, a laid-off airline employee turned semi-professional driver. I enjoy travelling so much that I now do it continuously, hardly ever stopping. You can help support my travel addiction by taking advantage of my driving services.

For a reasonable fee, I will drive your vehicle and its contents between any two places in North America (except Canada to Canada). I specialize in situations that regular transport companies can't handle, including pets, vehicles packed with possessions and unusual or oversize vehicles. (My only limits are that I won't drive commercial vehicles or carry humans.)

I started this business when I was laid off in 2008 from US Airways in Las Vegas, where I had been a ramp worker. I was allowed to keep my free flight for three years, and I took advantage of this windfall to start this service (since I could fly for free to and from my drives). Now, I no longer have the free flight, but I have become skilled enough at using cut-rate transportation that I can still keep my rates reasonable. I can usually knit together adjoining drives so that you only pay for one leg of my airfare while my next client picks up the other.

When you contact me with the information requested at the bottom of this page, I will give you a quote that includes my airfare and all my own personal expenses along the way. (My quote does not usually include gas, highway tolls or my ground transportation to and from the airports. Everything else is included.)

For a modest additional charge, I'll take along your well-behaved dog, cat, bird, fish or iguana and will attend to its needs during the journey. As long as it's not big enough to eat me, I'm open to negotiation.

My most common drive is the "Snowbird Run" between the Northeast and Florida. I drive this route so often that I have a standard fee for it: $850 to/from the New York City area and major cities in Florida. (Includes my airfare. The only addition costs are gas, highway tolls, pet care and my ground transportation to/from the nearest major airports.) My fee for other drives on the East Coast is based on this benchmark.

I will also drive between any two cities in the USA and to or from most cities in Canada. (Certain restrictions apply to Canada.) I quote each trip individually based on its unique circumstance. (The length of the drive is a factor in my quote but also the airfare and complication of getting to and from the drive.)

Please note that I carry no special insurance (apart from my own medical insurance). My position is the same as a friend driving your car for you, which should be covered by your own insurance. In the unlikely event that an accident occurred I would accept no liability beyond my driving fee.

I will drive any non-commercial vehicle not requiring a special license, including rental trucks and towed vehicles. (I avoid commercial vehicles because of the complex regulations involved.) This is a door-to-door service where you will have direct contact with me at both ends. I drive every vehicle myself, and I do not hire or refer other drivers.

This is a personal service, not a commercial one, and I can adapt to your family's special needs in ways that corporate services can't. For example, I allow you to load your vehicle with whatever you want (subject to my inspection) while commercial services require the car to be nearly empty. If there are other services you need in conjunction with your move, please ask.

Advice on Transporting your Vehicle or Stuff

One of my clients checking in at Motel 6
Since I have been driving vehicles and helping people move for over a decade now, I have acquired some wisdom on the subject. Here is some of my advice, both on my services and on moving in general. (I prefer to drive for people who genuinely need my services, so if there is a possible better way, I want you to explore it.)

Notes on my Services:

More about Me

I am a writer, podcaster, photographer and world traveler of good repute, and I have a big presence on the web if you care to check me out. I have had many past lives and was once featured in a New York Times article on Area 51. Later I appeared on Public Radio regarding Family Court.

I drive because I enjoy it. It gives me time to think about my writing projects. I stop from time to time to work on my laptop (which is one reason I don't take human passengers). Although I have been everywhere in the country many times, I usually visit a new tourist attraction on every trip. On most drives, I take lots of photos and short videos along the way which I make public on Instagram and my Facebook albums.

Although I technically live in Massachusetts, I travel continuously and am hardly ever there. In North America, I usually go from one drive directly to the next. When I'm not driving, I'm usually traveling overseas on my own nickle. (I'm a budget traveler who uses a lot of hostels.) I've been to 88 countries to date.

I hold a standard driver's license in Massachusetts (not a commercial license). I have had no traffic tickets in North America in the past five years. (However I have had speeding tickets overseas: two in Botswana, Africa, where speeding tickets are a source of local revenue, and two speed-camera tickets in Latvia, where the cameras are too damn sensitive.) I am adept at driving on both the left and right, should your job require right-side driving. My character is such that I passed TSA/Homeland Security background checks and worked successfully for an airline for one year before being furloughed based on seniority. I worked on the ramp in Las Vegas for US Airways, routinely guiding in and pushing out multi-million dollar aircraft (photos).

I have had only one road accident in recent years: a fender bender in Colorado in July 2018 when I blacked out on the highway, due to a tumor in my brain I didn't know I had. After five months of treatment, my cancer is in full remission. (photos)

The largest vehicles I have driven across the country are 26-foot Penske or Uhaul trucks towing a car (photo). (This is the maximum size I can drive with my standard license.) My longest drive was Florida to Fairbanks (nearly 5000 miles in 14 days). My shortest drives are about 500 miles. (Less than that and you are probably better to hire someone locally.) The most unusual vehicle I have driven was the Freedom Bus. My most challenging drive was the Alaska Highway in winter (photos), which I have done twice (and six times in summer).

I prefer to drive 400-500 miles per day but can sometimes do more under special circumstances. I am a non-smoker. I will not use your car for any purpose other than what we agreed on, and no one other than me will drive the car.

I am happiest when I am driving for intelligent, organized people in genuine need of my services. (And who plan ahead!) Therefore, you may find me dissuading you of the drive if it doesn't make logical sense.

How My Service Works

Here are the steps involved in using my services...
  1. First, email me with the information below and I will email you back with a quote and my availability. My quote usually includes my airfare and all my hotels and other personal expenses along the way. (Even if I don't know yet where I will be flying from, I will still hold to whatever quote I have given you.)

  2. Upon request, I can give you the phone numbers of the last five people I have driven for, as references. (This list takes me some time to make up, so I want to make sure you are seriously interested in my quote to you before I make up the list.)

  3. If you are happy with the quote and are ready to reserve specific dates, I will make up a contract and email it to you. (I often use to "sign" the contract, or we can sign it on paper when I arrive to pick up the car.) I may ask for a deposit of $150-400, which will be applied to my total fee. (We can use PayPal or Venmo for this.) The deposit is intended to cover the cost of my airfare (even though airfare is included in my fee), and I will use it to buy my plane ticket in advance. Once I have purchased the ticket, the deposit is refundable only to the extent the airfare is. (Most tickets I buy are non-refundable/non-changeable.)

  4. When I arrive to pick up the car. You will give me an additional cash deposit equivalent to our best estimate for gas and tolls. (Gas today averages about $2.35/gallon in the U.S. and car MPG ratings are found at I will keep all receipts and we will settle any difference at the end.

  5. The balance of my driving fee will be due upon safe delivery of the vehicle to its destination.
If you prefer, I can quote you a fixed fee for the entire trip, including gas and tolls, based on your car's rated gas mileage and the Google Maps estimated mileage for the journey. (I can do this with standard car models but not with trucks or campers where the gas mileage is unknown.) However, since I would be assuming the risk of gas costs and vehicle mileage, my charge will usually be higher than if you pay the actual gas amount (so paying the actual amount is usually your better deal).

Contact Glenn Campbell at or phone 702-812-0400 (cell). Send me the info requested at the bottom of this page.

Below are some reviews I collected when I first started this service—over 10 years ago! (To avoid inconveniencing my clients, I no longer ask for reviews, but I can give you the contact info for the last few people I have driven for.)

Customer Comments... (These are comments I collected in the first year of my business, 2008-09. Today, I will give you the phone numbers for my latest five clients.)
    "Glen was wonderful to work with and amazingly reliable.... " [See full review.] — Lorra L., Cleveland (Toyota Sienna and dog, Cleveland to Ft. Myers, Florida)

    "I would absolutely recommend Glenn with no hesitation. I had initially hired two different shipping companies to transport my car from Burlington, VT to San Francisco. They both said yes and then later backed out when they could not get enough other cars to ship on the same route. Glenn is honest, gave us updated along the way, and showed up with the car on time at the destination." — Georgo F., San Francisco (Prius, Burlington VT to San Francisco)

    "I went online and so many companies responded, but NONE were as personable and easy going and inexpensive as Glenn. It was an easy decision really. And 4 days later he pulled up to my door. The service was impeccable. Who could ask for more!" — Latifa A., Chapel Hill, NC (Toyota Prius, Taos, NM to Chapel Hill, NC)

    "Glenn didn't hesitate when I asked him to drive a 26' U-Haul truck with a large car trailer in tow. He arrived at the appointed hour, stepped into the truck, stayed in touch every day with an email and drove over 2,000 miles to arrive a day early on the trip from Minneapolis to San Diego. Uneventful; just the way we wanted it to be."— Casey P., San Diego (Uhaul and towed Mercedes, Minneapolis to San Diego, photo)

    "I'm so glad I found Glenn's service online. I looked at other ways of transporting my car but all were more expensive and none would have taken my keyboard and camping gear on board. Glenn brought my Subaru on schedule and in great condition." — Emily S., Denver (Subaru Outback, Ithaca, NY to Denver, CO)

    "Glenn did a beautiful job driving my son's Volkswagen from Seattle, WA to Broadway, VA. The car was in good shape and Glenn was very professional. I highly recommend him." — Nancy S, Broadway, VA (Volkswagen Passat, Seattle to Virginia)

    "Glenn was a true professional - he was extremely organized and provided great communication. He is also a true gentlemen - he picked me and my 16 month old twins up at the airport, helped me track down my luggage, and got us all loaded in to the car. I would highly recommend Glenn for your car transportation needs!" — Donna W., Kansas City (Infiniti G35, Connecticut to Kansas City)

    "Organized, professional and reliable are the three words I'd use to describe our experience. Glenn was so professional that this is the second time we've used his services." — David M, Charleston SC (Land Rover Discovery: Charleston to Portland ME & Portland ME to Charleston)

    "Glenn assisted me by driving a Dodge van with wheelchair lift from Orange County, CA to Green Bay, WI where my mother was relocating. The van arrived as planned in plenty of time to meet my mother and I at the airport when we arrived by plane. Glenn also kept me informed along the way, gave me a complete itemization of expenses with receipts and was very professional. I feel very lucky to have found him and enjoyed the entire experience." — Terry J., Anaheim CA (Dodge Ram 2500 Van: Anaheim CA to Green Bay WI)

    "Glenn went through hoops to pick-up my dogs on time in Florida and arrived on Cape Cod just when he said he would with everyone in very good order. Lucky and Charm (Wheaten Terriers) seemed very content and well taken care of. I am very grateful for this personal service. Thanks, Glenn!" — Joan S., Dennis MA (Lincoln Aviator: Ft. Myers FL to Dennis MA)

    "Glenn was totally professional with regard to his commitments, scheduling, budgeting and auto handling, including crossing the border. The vehicle arrived in perfect condition on time and on budget. The man is a consummate professional." — Mike M., Toronto (Mazda 3: Denver to Toronto)

    "Finding you was like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - no airline fees; total honesty and reliability; punctuality; an incredible sense of humor and a great writer, to boot! Please keep in touch - and I promise to recommend your services far and wide. Feel free to ask anyone to email me for a recommendation." — Julie S., Miami (Chevy Silverado: Miami to Camp Lejeune, NC)

    "I was so lucky to find Glenn Campbell to drive my daughter's car from Rochester, NY to Denver, CO. He was very professional and I felt very comfortable trusting him to drive the car. I would recommend him and use his service again if needed." — Audrey W., Rochester, NY (Subara Tribeca: Rochester, NY, to Denver, CO)

    "We found Glenn Campbell to be honest, reliable and trustworthy. His customized service was convenient and flexible. His care and efficiency make him an excellent choice." — Peter M., Alexandria, VA (Toyota Camry: Alexandria, VA to Austin, TX)

    "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Mom was very appreciative and liked you a lot. She called you a 'Gem' and I agree." — Tamara L., Asheville, NC (Honda Acura: Asheville, NC to Miami (twice!) and Miami to Asheville)

NOTE: I am no longer collecting new reviews (because they all say basically the same thing and I don't want to impose on my clients) but I can give you a list of my most recent clients so you can contact them yourself.

When contacting me (at, please give me the following information....

  1. Year and model of vehicle.
  2. Starting and ending cities. (If these are big cities, please give the neighborhood.)
  3. Preferred dates.
  4. Is the car registered and insured? (required) In what state or province?
  5. Whose name is on the registration? (Yours?)
  6. Does the car have cruise control?
  7. What will be carried in the car?
  8. If pets will be carried, tell me about them. (Age, breed, disposition, etc. A photo would be appreciated.)
  9. Approximate odometer mileage on the vehicle (if known).
  10. I would also like to know a little about your situation and why you are transporting the vehicle.
  11. Your phone number. (I will normally use email first.)
In the case of pets or unusual vehicles, it would be helpful to have a photo of them.

Please keep in mind the things I CAN NOT do:

  1. Carry humans (only pets).
  2. No commercial vehicles (except rental trucks with personal belongings).
  3. Trips to or from Mexico.
  4. Trips both starting and ending in Canada (although trips between USA and Canada may be possible).
  5. Transport a trailer without a vehicle to haul it.
  6. Transport a pet without a vehicle (unless I rent a car at your expense).
  7. Advise other drivers on how to start their own driving business.
  8. Hire other drivers. No employment inquiries, please!
You can call me anytime for general information (702-812-0400), but I usually need an email with the above info before I can give you a firm quote.

Contact Glenn Campbell at or phone 702-812-0400 (cell).

CELLPHONE NOTE: Due to my frequent travel overseas and in Canada, I can sometimes be out of cellphone range for days at a time. If you leave a voicemail and don't get a prompt callback from me, try email, which I usually have better access to.

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